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Five Essential Tips For Painting Your Home's Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home is a crucial maintenance task. Keep these tips in mind when you embark on this DIY project!

Front door painted pink
Painted front door

Since the weather has warmed up considerably, it is time to refresh the exterior of your home. Before you get started, consider these tips:

HOA Rules: If your neighborhood has a Homeowners Association (HOA), make sure the colors meet the requirements. HOAs may have rules about the color you paint your home, landscaping, or even a screen door on the front of the house. Find out by calling your local HOA directly so there are no misunderstandings. Not adhering to the rules will cost you money and time in the long run.

Inspect Exterior: Give your home's exterior a full inspection. You will want to check for decay around windows, loose caulking and rotted boards. Rent and/or purchase a power washer to remove dirt and peeling paint. In some cases, you must scrape it yourself. You will also want to wait until the caulk fully dries before you begin to paint. Take your time. Your home is your castle.

Paint brushes, rollers and color swatches
Painting Supplies

Buy Good Paint: While your local big box store might have paint on sale, this is where you want to spend a bit more. Purchase paint that also contains primer. Ask the salesperson for a paint sample and paint swatches on your home, where the sun hits it at different times of the day. Again, all paints are not the same. While you are at the paint store, talk to a professional about good brushes and rollers. A good roller saves time and provides an even coat of paint.

Rain Delays: When painting your home, if it is too humid, the paint will not dry. If it is too windy, the wind can knock over your DIY gallon of paint...and this is dangerous if you are on a ladder. Give yourself a minimum of two to three days before you paint after a rain. Here's a good rule to follow. Start painting in the shade, and you will end up on the sunny side of your house. This keeps you out of the sun (so you can work longer), and it allows the paint to dry evenly and will not dry out on your brush.

Ask For Help: While painting is not a hard project, it is labor-intensive and is a project in which two hands are better than one. When painting with family or a friend, another pair of eyes can see where you missed a spot, they can hold the ladder or give you a cold drink of water. Teamwork always makes the dream work!

These simple tips ensure a successful and efficient exterior painting project by addressing HOA compliance, thorough preparation, quality materials, weather considerations, and the benefits of teamwork. Have fun!

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